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Release Date | Name | ME320L Series Elevator Control System

The ME320L is a frequency converter specifically designed for elevator development with both an asynchronous model and IP suffix synchronous model. Standard configuration of the ME320 includes a PG card, DC reactor and braking unit. All functions are specially designed for elevators, are easy to use and have outstanding performance. The power range for synchronous and asynchronous series is 2.2kW to 55kW, suitable for villa elevators, residence elevators, commercial elevators and freight elevators for all types of speed situations.

1. Main circuits should use ME320L-4002~ME320L-4030 series frequency converters. Those larger than 30kW should install a breaking unit.

 2. State signal input/output (functions are all set at the default value)

 3. Analog speed set

 4. Multi-stage speed settings

 5. Frequency divided output of the encoder (For encoder input, choose an appropriate PG card based on the type of encoder and connect the incoming line according to the PG card user manual.)

 Here, multiple speeds are divided into 1 (fast), 2 (climbing), 3 (inspection), based on a speed of 1m/s.